Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ashlyn Turns 7 !!!!!

I find it so hard to believe that Ashlyn could be 7 years old! There is no way I can be that old!Anyway...nothing I can do about the time.

For her Birthday Ash decided she wanted to go to Scottie Stake Land's Fun Spot! Her main event was laser tag and then ball city! So on Sat Feb 12th we had her party and invited all her classmates. We had a great turn out!
 The Birthday Girl!

 Sophie & Ashlyn - best friends from Liberty Pre-K

 Let the laser tag begin!

 Game on!

 Even Spot came to visit!
 Everyone enjoying pizza while the party host makes balloon animals.

 Ashlyn & her pink puppy.

 The pink & green peace cake that Ashlyn picked out!

Brian with "Ashlyn's Mom" name tag!
 Time of open gifts.

 At the end of the party Ash got to go in the money machine and win tokens, tickets and real money!

 Aunt Laura taking a picture of all the gifts shoved in our car.

 Ha ha, me and my big sun glasses!
 Then on her Birthday she really wanted to go see the Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never. So Grandma, Ashlyn, Laken (her classmate) and I headed to Hannibal, MO to see the 3D movie. Then we went to Chinese, one of Ash's favorite types of food.
 Then as if that isn't enough on Valentine's Day we had Great Grandma Mary, Grandma Berniece, Grandma & Grandpa, our neighbors, Kent, Melissa, Lauren & Issac and us for a yummy dinner and cupcakes!

 One of Ashlyn's gifts was an art set, she has really enjoyed it! Plus I enjoy seeing the I love Mom pictures! :)

Happy Birthday to my big girl!